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Sleeping With Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs used to not be so common in Oklahoma, but with the increase in travel came more and more of these biting, blood-sucking pests. Bed bugs can be picked up almost anywhere — hotels, stores, offices, hospitals and gyms are just a few places. They are great at hiding and can often be found where you least expect them. They have been known to hitchhike in luggage, on pets, people, and other personal items. Once in a home or place of work they can be very difficult to eliminate.


Bed Bugs cant Beat The Heat!
By using our state of the art heat equipment we can eliminate bed bug infestations and their eggs in one day! Heat is the perfect solution to eradicate bed bug infestations from homes, rentals, offices and hotels. Minimal prep work on the part of the customer is needed to complete this service. You may also re-enter your home or place of work as soon as we are done with the heat treatment process.


Other Treatment Options

Although heat treatments can be completed in one day, they are a more costly option. We also offer more conventional treatment options involving the use of residual products. This option, though less costly, requires much more prep work to be completed by the customer in order for us to be able to treat. Depending on the area being treated the customer may also need to vacate the premises for a minimum of 36 hours after the residual treatment is completed.

Call us! We'll turn your pest problem into a past problem!

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