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Tired of Fighting Roaches?

In the war against pests, the lowly cockroach makes for a fearsome adversary. It can go weeks without water, survive decapitation for a time — and, like any proper super-villain, can send humans screaming from a room. Experts agree that ridding homes and restaurants of cockroaches would cut down the incidence of food poisoning, disease and ... well, downright revulsion


Ready  To Get Rid of Them?

We take an aggressive yet safe approach in ridding your home or place of business of roaches. We employ only the safest products and apply them in such a way as to minimize or completely eliminate the risk of exposure to you, your family, pets and/or customers. Dusts, baits, residual products, traps, and pheromone lures are some of the tools we use in our battle to help rid your property of pests. These tools, along with implementing a regularly scheduled integrated pest management program, will help to ensure that any current roach problems are eliminated and future issues are avoided. 

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