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Spiders: Nature's pest control

Spiders are creepy looking and that's a fact! But aside from their not-so-good looks, they are actually one of nature's most helpful critters. "How?" you ask. Well, spiders are nature's natural exterminators. They survive by eating all those other insects and night flyers you don't like. Without spiders, we humans would face famine. Yes, without spiders, all of our crops would be consumed by pests.


Spiders can be deadly pests too

More than any spider, two species give all spiders a bad rap — and for good reason! The brown recluse and the black widow are those spiders. The brown recluse prefers places such as closets, wood piles, garages and sheds. They have also been encountered in shoes, dressers, and bed sheets of infrequently used beds. The Black widow  may also be found in garages, cellars , lawn furniture and other places in and around the home. Contrary to popular belief black widow bites are rarely deadly but prompt medical attention should still be sought if you believe you have been bitten. Neither the brown recluse or the black widow is likely to bite, unless it feels threatened and has to defend itself.

Spiders are there because other pests are too

Treating the inside and outside perimeter of your home may be of some benefit in keeping spiders out of your home. This works not by killing the spiders but by eliminating their food source and starving them out. We will also set numerous insect monitors in and around your home to stop any spiders wandering around and thoroughly inspect your homes exterior for any nesting areas and entry points that may need to be repaired or treated.


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