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Flies: Not just annoying but deadly

Yes, it is the common house fly which is the most dangerous animal in the world. Surprised?  The common house fly got its name from living in very close contact to humans. Other than in extremely cold polar regions, you can expect to find house flies in almost every country in the world. This is what makes them so very good at transmitting diseases from animals to people, and from one person to another. House flies live relatively close to where they breed, however, and they can travel many miles in search of food. 

Flies are not just annoying; they are a threat to  you and your family's  health and  just plain bad for business.


Ask us about our different treatment options such as drain treatments, granular and residual fly baiting, silent fly traps and exterior spot treatments. We also offer sanitation and structural deficiency suggestions to help you ensure present issues with flies are eliminated and future problems are prevented.


Call us! We'll turn your pest problem into a past problem.    

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